Multiple Ways To Get Paid

Your money right away

Nothing feels as good as cashing out

You built your bankroll fair and square, now is not the time to have to stress about getting your winnings. Depending on your preferred method of payout we can have your winnings back in your hands in as little as 1 hour. Please request payouts during normal operating hours to better assure it’s processed in a timely manner. You can request them through email, text, or by calling in. Please be prepared to supply your account info, the amount you’d like to cash out, and your preferred method.

Note: The method you deposit with will be the method you receive your payout through, up to the amount of your initial deposit. All winnings exceeding that can be requested through other methods if that better suits your needs.

Example: You deposit $500 through Western Union. You turn it into $1500 and request a withdrawal of the entire balance. $500 of the payout must be paid out through Western Union. The remaining $1000 can be requested through our other avenues of payment processing, if need be.

BigBetBiz provides a FREE payout every 30-rolling-days. All additional payout processing fees will be covered by the customer. $10 for payouts $100 or less, and 3% on payouts over $100. Yes, it’s cheaper to cash out more. FedEx, WU, MG, fees beyond the 1 free payout per 30 rolling days will also be covered by client should those methods be requested.

Any questions or concerns please contact customer service.


Western union

Money Gram

Money order